About Us

Welcome to our Cops ‘N Kids Chandler website!
Cops ‘N Kids is a remarkable  literacy initiative.

Literacy arouses hope in all individuals who are striving for happiness, knowledge  and personal benefits.


Through our Cops ‘N Kids literacy program,  we have the opportunity to demonstrate to all of our children the  commitment of our Chandler community to their growth and well-being.  Volunteers  are sharing their gifts or time and ability to read and provide memorable literacy events and experiences.

These events conducted by volunteers provide an opportunity to enrich the lives of our children by interacting,  reading  and providing books of their very own to keep.

Collaboration and partnerships with our Chandler businesses,  organizations,  municipal leaders,  our educational community, and caring, committed individual volunteers impact the lives of our children.

Please accept this as an invitation to support our Cops ‘N Kids Chandler  literacy program.  Your efforts will cause our community to have better educated people and a safer and satisfying place in which to live.


Roger Bonngard,  President